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What is cult film? Definitions differ, but we like this one.

Cult films:

a) prompt people to go around quoting them to each other or inspire an unreasonable amount of devotion long after the masses have forgotten their existence

b) are good but under-appreciated, possibly because in a market driven by stars and event movies, they were just too different to have a long run at a cinema near you

c) are undiscovered gems, possibly because they're foreign, or went straight to video

d) are so bad they're a hoot

e) are compelling for some other reason - the script may stink, but there's a song, stunt, or scene that makes it all worthwhile

f) are mainstream films which have that indefinable something we call "juice"

g) are not Police Academy sequels

from The Rough Guide To Cult Movies (Your Guide To The Good, The Bad, And The Very Weird)

In a world with big-budget, star-filled movie extravaganzas, a world where Gigli can pack even one theater, there is a movie which quietly captures the hearts and minds of a devoted group of people. It may be frightening, dramatic, or silly and light; it appeals to those people who enjoy a movie for more than its star value. It is the cult film, and because of it, life is just a tiny bit better. And now, there's an entire icon community devoted to it.

Welcome to cultfilm_icons.

The name says it all, people. Cult Films. Icons. Together, in one place, at last. No longer will you have to express your love of the subtle intricacies of Army of Darkness over Long Island Iced Teas at the local Dungeons and Dragons game. You can do it here! In icon form (which, by the way, has a protection shield)! You don't have to tire yourself out arguing that Heathers is the most true-to-life film ever made about high school. You can just make an icon expressing that belief! It's genius, if we do say so ourselves, which we do, since we are neither mute nor particularly modest.

The Deal:
We pick a different cult film each week and post screencaps. You may filter, crop, colorize, and use any text you would like. Enter. Compete. Possibly win and get a kickass banner.

1) Post all entries in this journal.
2) Entries are due by each Friday, 7PM EST.
3) Voting occurs between Friday, 8PM EST and Sunday, 5PM EST. To vote, leave a comment with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.
4) The winners and new film will be posted by Sunday, 8PM EST.

1) One entry per person.
2) No other images (i.e., stock, etc.) may be used in the icon apart from the screencaps posted for that week's challenge.
3) Icons must follow LJ guidelines: 40k and 100x100 or less.
4) Only members of the community can vote in each week's challenge.
5) Do not vote for your own icon. Because, please. You're better than that.
6) Don't vote for an icon just because your friend made it. Why? Because that is something losers and co-dependants do and you are neither of those things.

P.S. - We are not film snobs, and we don't particularly want film snobs in this community. So, there. If you're not capable of enjoying films like The Goonies or Office Space or The Nightmare Before Christmas, then go away.

P.P.S. Our layout was designed for our sole use by roniabirk who is awesome in most every way, except for her crippling obsession with Mexican goat porn. So sad. Anyway, you should tell her how cool it is, and how cool she is for making it. Or we will kill you in the face!

To view and comment on movie suggestions, click here for our initial welcome post.

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